Who is in the wrong Me or The ATC controller

So as I was nearing CYYZ I requested an ILS approach to runway 33L and I was cleared to by continuing as filed which as I understand it, is to follow your STAR until established on the localizer but as I was turning right base I was instructed to follow instructions, I didn’t know what to do so I just quit the flight not risking any violations. Keep in mind when I was at midfield right downwind, I was told to fly heading 150 , which is the heading I was flying on, So I didn’t make any changes to my course, and I wasn’t told to expect a deviation from flight plan.

Anyways I created this topic to learn from my mistake if I did one so please point it out.

Well, if you were told to fly heading 150, I believe you weren’t supposed to turn base then. You should’ve stayed on right downwind. At least, that’s what I would’ve done.


well, I feared getting a violation so…


I thought about that, but he didn’t tell me to deviate from flight plan , and I didn’t understand .

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@ToasterStroodie please take a look at this post.

Note to @Mo_Alz: he’s on the Appeals team and a supervisor

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I think ATC instructions typically get over the flight plan. Did they tell you beforehand ‘expect vectors for the ILS approach runway 33L’ ?

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No, that is why I was confused I was told to continue as filed and expect ILS approach

Ok yeah, I can understand that you were confused in that case, if what you’re telling me is the truth, then yes, in my opinion the ATC wasn’t clear enough. Although, I would’ve preferred staying on right downwind.

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I would have been confused too

I could provide a replay if you wish, why would I lie?

No no no I’m not telling you’re lying, I was just saying…


its alright 😅

I would add it, I have tagged a supervisor to look at your post. I think he would be able to give you more accurate information

Hi, do you know who the controller was? What time was this?

yes I do, it just happened :)

Then I would suggest that you PM the controller then making a topic.

Approach controller’s often do this. They let you continue as filed but at some stage they have to vector you to slot you in with any possible arrival’s.


If a controller gives you a heading after “Continue as filed” you should always follow that heading. Yes, the controller could have given you “deviate from FPL”, but it is not required. In a busy airspace controllers will probably not do that.

If you have any question feel free to ask


No, thank you very much, I didn’t know about that.

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This can be closed now, Thanks to everyone who provided help.

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