Who is IFATC IPP Leonard Brownies?

he reported me unfairly because of an error. He confused himself with another aircraft. he said spam but I was standing at the gate waiting for the other aircraft to leave behind and I didn’t send a message. Standby only. He should have reported the aircraft that was doing something wrong behind me. the aircraft behind me was running on the taxiway and i don’t know what he was doing but i just wanted to do my pushback. the aircraft was stopping all other aircraft without giving taxi access. the aircraft entered my same gate at another airport knowing that I was there, he saw me and yet did not leave the gate and stayed. There had many other gates. !



This is the raplay: https://drive.google.com/file/d/132w-lNjIBZ-2ve02sKjcQS_QSZ4VeGQ0/view?usp=drivesdk

could you please remove the report and return me to grade 3? thanks for the collaboration

@Leon_B i believe is the person you’re looking for, they will be able to guide you more, please handle this Via pm👍

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Thank you very much!👌

He has been noted, he will get to you after he’s done controlling


for this reason I can’t be part of the IFATC team because I got a report unfairly

No need to make comments.
might want to have a read through that too:)

I’ll PM you. This is a mistake. Sorry.


Ok, thank you! Can you remove it please?