Who is controlling ATC in VHHH?

I would like to know because I am doing VTBS-VHHX, with callsign Varig 828. I would not like to be transferred to VHHH, thanks!

If there is no radar frequency you don’t need to contact tower.

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The currently open frequency list for the expert server can be found on ifatc.org: https://www.ifatc.org/atc

ok, thank you!

@HenryD1 is the current controller.

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Not a problem; if radar is present you can be vectored there, otherwise you just land on VHHX unicom as usual.

Er, are you sure?

LiveFlight didn’t update. Now it’s @Usman_A.

Yeah. it seems as if it’s actually @Usman_A for the past 45 minutes.

The controller can see what your flightplan is, so it might give a onguard, but if you ask for a freq change the controller will do so :-)!

This is why it’s better to learn where to look it up than to be told something that’s either inaccurate or will be within a couple of hours.

I did look up where it’s normally accurate. Unfortunately, LiveFlight didn’t update. 🙂

ok, thank you all!

That wasn’t really my point. Tell a pilot who’s controlling and he’ll ask again tomorrow, teach him to look it up and he’ll always be able to find out? (with apologies to whoever is credited with the fish proverb)

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