Who is been up an active tower and been out for runway inspection?

Hi everyone I just wanted to know plus what’s your age when u answer this also was it fun

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I never have but it would be cool to . I’m 15

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I’m 14 I’ve been up heathrows ,Bristol’s,Farnborough, Abu dhabi

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I have gone in Sheikh Rashid Terminal in Kuwait which is a GA terminal and is exclusively for Flydubai and i have flown with them. It was used by a ex kuwaiti airline but they decided to shut down operations in 2011 i never got a chance to fly with them tho.

I hope to soon :)

I saw some private jets over there at that terminal

You can go to almost all class D towers. Class C you can call ahead of time and ask if you can stop by. The big boys you will have to call and as at night when things are slow.

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