Who is BBJ 747-8

I’ve been searching online but couldn’t find anything about the following airplane. ↓↓↓

I know for a fact it belongs to someone royal. Does anyone know who this aircraft belongs?.

Thank you in advance

Its Boeing´s design for the BBJs. Its spread all over on their “Boeing Business Jet” section of their website: http://www.boeing.com/commercial/bbj/#/aircraft


I agree with @Sturmovik.

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This aircraft belongs to a prince or something similar (I think it starts with George …)

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Do you have the reg or a larger version of the image?

It could just be a generic CGI image made by Boeing to show the public (and potential customers) what the 747-8 BBJ looks like

I believe the Qatar Amri has a BBJ 747-8

Major companies and organizations use the jet. I believe it’s not one perticularly person or company. It can be up to 3-5 companies partly owning the jet.


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I remember seeing a documentary about important people having there own aircraft and something George owns a aircraft that looks like that one.

A search for the reg of the top 747SP, VP-BAT, says it’s Qatari, so I assume the 747-8 with the identical scheme below is Qatari too

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Yes it is there are many aircraft in their fleet

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JP said it was his uncles. He said he flew on it 9 times.

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