Who is atc for lax at the moment? I got a level three violation for “speeding”

As you can see im in a fighter jet which as you know can go at higher speeds at lower rates than commercial jets can but instantly got a violation i swear atc wanted to do that on purpose😂


If you feel you were wrongfully given a violation you can send a DM to @appeals

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Thanks man i have heard in the past aswell newly attained atc will over use their powers.


It isnt over use most likely, you probably were going over 350 knots

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You are allowed to go up to 500 with a fighter

Let’s not dispute this here. Let appeals do their job and decide whether it is justified or not


I was taking off

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Lax in an f16

Best to PM the controller to understand the reason. Also if you would like to PM appeals they might be able to help.


With clearance

As mentioned several times already, let appeals handle the process. This is clearly defined. There is no need to litigate it in the open as there are an excess of details unknown.