Who is ATC "fesa84"?

I used 77W and I choose LPMA airport in Expert server
At that time there was no any player and no any ATC

When I was doing pushback, “fesa84” Tower ATC came and he tell me “Aircraft is too lage”

Hey Mr fesa84, I came LPMA faster than you but you expel me
You had to permit my flight because I came early than you

I have a right for choice LPMA because there’s no player and ATC and There are space for large aircraft

You screwed up my flight
I am very angry


@fesa84 is your controller.


A B77W doesn’t operate on LPMA, it’s too large for the airport.
Being Portuguese i know how the airport works in real life

If u were able to spawn in the airport there should have been no problem with ATC reporting u ig

That’s not the point, @SA247 In some airports with reduced space, they operate big airplanes, in others not. Controllers can enforce real life procedures and decline big airplanes, even if you can spawn the plane.

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Hey! Remember that you can always PM the controller to have further conversation of what happened, no need to create a thread.

Im really really sorry.

But lmao! 😂😂😂

B777 at LPMA 😂


Also why do you use an 777 on an Flight which is 600 NM long?

Austrian Airlines already operated with the B772 in LPMA in 2006

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That is not fair because how was i supposed to know that the airport doesn’t allow those planes, there is probably not a notam there to tell u so, I think if u spawn and an atc spawns while you r in the Gate is a problem, but while taxiing u should not be getting reported

I don’t think @alberto_lopez is mad at you. I think they were just trying to give you information.

In response to your other point, I believe that no matter when ATC spawns, they need to be able to enforce aircraft size restrictions. That’s like taxiing though the grass and getting mad because ATC spawned and reported you in the middle of the grass.

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You cant argument with that.

The ATC Messages have the highest priority and you have to accept that even do you dont like that.

Its normal in Infinite-Flight I had also these happen to me 🤷🏽‍♂️


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Yeh but how was I supposed to know if there is a restriction

You weren’t. Nobody is mad at you, they’re just correcting you.


I’m sure the controller gave you a warning to change your aircraft.

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No Notam.

If you try to land a a380 at Lukla in real life the ATC also will be mad.

There is no Notam that the A380 isnt allowed to lsnd there, it just makes sence. :D

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In Madeira there is no problem with the B772 but the B77W is another story, it is bigger even though it belongs to the same class (class E).


I think this Topic can be closed.
The result is obviously clear ^^

It doesn’t work like this


Hi there! The time at which you spawn does not determine the jurisdiction of the airport. When ATC is present, they are in control. Your aircraft was too large for the airport and he/she had the right to tell you that and report you if you did not listen. The 777W cannot safely operate out of LPMA and ATC’s number 1 concern is safety. Even if atc was not present, you should still not have spawned in a 777W. Hope you find this helpful!