Who in the community here works for Signature Flight Support?

So, I have a question,
Does anyone here work for SFS? I have an interview tomorrow at the SFS-MHT FBO for Line Service Technician. I heard it’s kinda similar to Ramp Agent, but with more work to it, such as:

  • Fueling Aircraft
  • Refueling Fuel truck by going to the Fuel Farm
  • Towing of airplanes into/out of Hanger
  • Assisting Customers and VIP members
  • Servicing Aircraft (From C172 to B747)
  • Marshalling Airplanes
  • Tug inspections

Our SFS FBO is actually contracted to Fuel Airliners at the Terminal, so it will be very interesting to go to the terminal and fill up a Southwest 737 or Delta CRJ200.

How is it like to work for Signature FBO at your place? Is there more than just the ones mentioned above?

Hopefully i’ll get the job


The last job I was at we used signature, they’re good but expensive. Have fun, good luck let us know how the interview went!

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Like, how so?
Also, yeah I got an email today to call this guy, so I did and we set up an interview for tomorrow at my airport.

They only had part time though, was hoping for full time

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They just charge ridiculous Amounts for things, I gotta find a receipt we sent our H135 to one ended up costing us more then 5K$ with services lol


Well thats alot. I hope to get hired though, I really want to service a large charter or Private jet like a Boeing 767, but we rarely get those, even rarer when we got the B772 this past week.

I hope I can take pictures too, I’d love to share my experience if I get hired.

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I’m planning on doing this at my local airport

@Erj145 do you all use signature?

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Yes. It’s an even split between them and Atlantic Aviation with Millionaire(my favorite) thrown in there a handful not times

@Daniel_Cerritos you shouldn’t have any problem getting the job as long as you will work hard you will get hired. It a great way to talk to pilots and see some realllllllllyyyy amazing corporate planes and potentially famous clientele


I’ve seen some “reeeeaaaalllllyyyyyyyy” Amazing planes myself, not being a Ramper. I’ve seen a VVIP 788BBJ come in from Beijing, China with my own eyes. That was an amazing airplane indeed, very unique.


I have a friend who manages the Deerjet


Thats awesome! How often does it come to your airport?

That’s on a whole nother level of corporate planes. Haha


@Erj145 you probably also know the guy - Liam K he’s in Gene’s group

Hmm… Doesn’t ring a bell

For those wanting to know, interview went great!

They seemed impressed, they’ll let me know soon. While I’m excited, I won’t have my hopes too high


Fingers crossed!!

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Good luck! I’m about to apply to one as well


That’s great! Do let us know what they say!

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