Who here uses APPR?

Hello. I am new here. I would appreciate some support if that is okay.

Anyways, who uses autopilot to align yourself on the runway?


I use APPR and disconnect autopilot at around 1000.
Not sure why you would call it cheating, nothing is wrong with using it. 😉


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I’ve never used APPR- I use A/P and disconnect it at around 3500 feet. All manual from there, just how I like it. In addition, when I takeoff I hand fly up to around 13k ft, just because I like it.


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I have personally never used APPR, as it has some bugs that might affect my landing. As stated above, using APPR is not cheating at all, in fact, its used by many pilots around the world!

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Sometimes I use APPR. Most times I don’t, but I wouldn’t call it cheating. Airplanes in real life do this, but rarely. Only during a category 3 ILS approach. And welcome to the community David!

I always rely on ILS and AP never using APPR

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I would not call APPR “cheating” because it is an actually feature on most planes and sometimes pilots even use it! I use A/P to align with the runway but when I get closer I will turn A/P off and hand fly in. Also sometimes if you are using APPR to land, it can sometimes mess up your landing so I usually do not use it
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I only use APPR in very low visibility. Other than than that, all of my approaches are flown by hand, no autopilot, and visually.

Cannot remember the last time I used it. AP then manual all the time.

I use APPR on the occasion. Or on aircraft I am useless at landing with.

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i use it all the time because if i dont my landing destroys the gear and bottom of the fuselage. @Ecoops123 knows what i mean


👀 I don’t want to even question it…

I usually use approach until about 2-3 miles out where I take AP fully off.

I use APPR until 1000.I engage it once under 3500 feet

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I only use it when I can’t seem to maintain control of the aircraft for landing.

Typically on smaller planes, like the CRJ. Guess my joystick sensitivity is high or something.

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I’m agrée with you. Me too I used all the time.

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I sometimes use it then disconnect it once I feel comfortable to take control. For the other times that i don’t use it is because I know it will either dip or climb, so i hand fly the whole approach

I mean, unless you have to (if the weather is poop), where’s the fun in watching it fly itself until 400’ 🤷🏽‍♂️

You could at least hand-fly the ILS lol.

I really don’t because APPR is insanely flawed as the aircraft would turn at a maximum bank angle for like 1 degree turns and turn back as they overshoot. So you are stuck in the loophole of lacking control


If im lazy ill use it and disconnect at 100 because the word flare means face plant to APPR.

I only use APPR in low visibility.