Who has made a mistake?



A380 always has the priority, didn’t you know that? :)


Both - Both the pilots should have seen the other and turned to avoid the collision.

It does seem like the 380 is coming from above and behind the Saudia. So I would say he’s more at fault than the other.


Advanced or playground?

Advanced server

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Both should be ghosted

14 CFR 91

(g) Landing. Aircraft, while on final approach to land or while landing, have the right-of-way over other aircraft in flight or operating on the surface, except that they shall not take advantage of this rule to force an aircraft off the runway surface which has already landed and is attempting to make way for an aircraft on final approach. When two or more aircraft are approaching an airport for the purpose of landing, the aircraft at the lower altitude has the right-of-way, but it shall not take advantage of this rule to cut in front of another which is on final approach to land or to overtake that aircraft.

The Airbus 380 does not have the right of way.


I agree, both are responsible for this air accident.
Poor situational awareness, tunnel vision, poor reaction.
Result: 500 victims of air disaster.

Happy landings


ATC is wrong, should have avoided the accident.

Assuming ATC gave instructions, whoever did not follow instructions is responsible for the accident and should have been ghosted.

Assuming there was no ATC and both pilots are landing, then the A380 is wrong as it looks like it’s approaching from left whereas the A320 is already lined up with the runway.

Assuming the A320 is in transition (landing gear up), then it should not be flying on an active airspace that low and on the path of landing traffic.

Agree or disagree.


It’s like driving in Texas. People don’t care about others. The best defensive driving is to hang back and let the other ‘hot head’ go in front. In my opinion same here. Both pilots did NOT give way, both being stubborn. Why not, it’s only a simulation. WRONG! Neither pilot had any courtesy. This is what is wrong with inexperienced sim users.

If it were me I would have ghosted BOTH guys for not flying in a safe manner. If we don’t set these standards (in Advanced) then it is game over for the sim.


From that picture it looks like the A380 was config for landing whilst the A320 was still in crusie set up, so from that, and with quote above, would say that ‘technically’ the A380 had right of way. However am sure, like at sea, there is a 'both to blame" rule meaning that it was the responcbility of BOTH pilots to keep out of the way of the other.


yes but my question is, where was the ATC at the time? because he allowed this? Obviously if there was atc …

How is it with absolutely no mention of ATC on this post do we get accused of wrong doing?


Which one are you?

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True, it is the only state that allows nitrous in cars 😂 Anyway, it seems like the A380 turned in on purpose

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This happened to me once, I was on final, and there was a plane on downwind. The controller tells me cleared for landing, then tells the other person extend downwind, but he decided to be on base, turning right in front of me to land. I was higher then him but was descending right on top of him and had to switch and use runway next to it (no one was using it), to avoid collision. After landing, he then taxied through and active runway, grass and about 2 planes to park it at its “gate” (middle of taxiway). PG is good, but some people should be on it!!!😡😡😡😡!!! Use Freeflight if you wanna be a bad pilot!!

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It’s hard to tell who’s landing, if the a320 was landing he/she should’ve had the gear down at that altitude. They both should have seen each other of the mini-map and turned away from each other. And I thought heavies were higher priority, or is that just on the ground?

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Nobodys fault we simply need TCAS

As a mother would say when siblings fight, “it takes two” which is true although as the ADM hints to it only would’ve taken one to have been broken, such as the A380 Realizing someone else was in final and they were going to collide. A good atc controller would have helped too as long as the pilots were compliant.

Agree with ATC this should have been avoided, providing that both parties listened to ATC of course;-), in absence of ATC it is up to the good airmanship of both pilots to avoid these situations