Who has live?

  • Yes I have live.
  • No I don’t have live.

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Solo is mainly for test flights :)


Solo is where I perfect, live is where I get to shove my awesome landings in @JoshFly8 's face.


I really only use solo to practice landings or when I don’t have access to wifi.


I use Solo practice aircrafts I don’t really know how to fly that well…

Looking at you 757 | A321 | A-10 | F-14

also I go their to practice flying with AP


i have it but it’s going in 3 days, the internet was blocked by my mums friend

From 73 voters 91% have live.
And I don’t have live.

One month that I didn’t have live, my most used program was Extreme Landings by Rortos. When I did re-purchace live, I only used IF when I turned on my iPad.

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It’s horrible. If any game would have to do at backup, it would be X-Plane.

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I use Solo for well, screenshots for VA photos only :P

I do have live and even a life.

Yeah @NatIsrael972 , I use solo for screenshots, VA photos and experiments.

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