Who has got a new Tab S4?

Hey there?
I want to buy a Galaxy Tab S4.
But first I want to know if it runs IF without lags? Especially on airports with high traffic ammount (e.g.during events)

So do you have a Tab S4 yet? Could you recommend it?



Who plays IF on a Tab S3? …didn’t you get responses that the TAB S3 was a good device for operating IF?

Sure! But I have lags on it so it (mine) can´t run it clearly!
And because I have a contract I have the chance to get a Tab S4. But only when it is worth it!!!

So when it runs IF on highest settings (graphic + live) smooth.

So I would be happy about opinions to this tablet!


Even if you like android and don’t like apple, I’d highly suggest you to get the new budget iPad 9.7 inch, it’s cheap and runs IF perfectly


Alot of people say this…but then that means spending more money to convert over…rebuying Infinite Flight…etc


I’ve seen the specs of the tab s4, it should run IF normally at high settings… The specs are quite comparable to last year flagships…

I’m planning on buying the Tab S4 in a few months time!

Yes that’s the only bad part about it

The Snapdragon 835 and the Adreno 540 are very powerful. You shouldn’t have any problems, even at very busy airports. The only thing I would be worried about is Samsung’s software, but it isn’t such a big problem, it should still run IF at the highest settings without any lag.
That being said, if you are planning on buying the Galaxy Tab S4, then go for it!

I can second what @Starley has said here, the SD adreno combination was found on most of the late 2017 flagship phones, and is still on some today.
Samsung software has become more lightweight recently.

Also, for future notice, if the OP is regarding buying an android device, please, please stop suggesting that they move over to Apple! They’ve probably already considered it, and they don’t need someone else to make that decision for them. You know who you are, stop it.


The tab s4, will run IF perfectly just conpare the benchmarks a bit to know on wich performance level u move… but 750 euro is a lot of money lol mhh i own a pixel c, in performance question the 750+ euro arent worth, u own a tab s3 ? Put custom rom/kernel on it IF will run like butter *:D

Just as equally, encouraging rooting of a device isn’t something we encourage here. Infinite Flight isn’t Optimized to run on modified devices, and rooting also presents a huge risk to your device if it goes wrong. I hard bricked my original Pixel 1 due to a failed root, and I’m very experienced in that forte.

Keep it stock dude, it’ll run faster.


Thats not my experience, i had less lagg with root and more options to customize, if he gets help and use the right file he will think twice if he needs a new device *:P

Okay, well as someone who spends their free time testing and modifying android, and as a recognised supporter in this community, I personally do not recommend Rooting a device unless it’s mandatory.
It’s completely up to the OP.

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All fine, i just mention it… believe me or not its his money not mine, if the device has no warranty i would try that option out and then decide.

I also have an eye on the Tab S4.
Just read about a guy who did a memory speedtest compared the s3 wit the s4. (eMMC vs. UFS 2.1)

The tab S3 comes to read about 250 MB / s, while the tab S4 comes to about 750 MB / s.
When writing the tab S3 comes to about 50 MB / s, while the tab S4 comes to about 230 MB / s.
That’s huge differences. Similar to converting a PC from a HDD to a SATA SSD.

Tab 4 should be powerful enough to handle IF with it’s processor

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