Who has flown the WSSS-KEWR route on IF?

Hey guys who has flown the WSSS-KEWR route in IF? I plan to do it soon.


I recommend to post your story here:

Or here:

I think he means in Infinite Flight, as it says in the title… Not in IRL.

Oh my bad there @anon87102400! Then no, I have not. I doubt my device could handle that long of a flight haha

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This route has become very popular.I may fly it next week some time!

Just did that today 👍🏻

During SVA and TFC Event (SQ22)

Screenshot_20181013-213154 Screenshot_20181013-212602 Screenshot_20181013-212534 Screenshot_20181013-212147 Screenshot_20181013-212137

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After the SVA and TFC Event, I did the return flight with someone. :-)

These Picture are in Canada Airspace, Russia and China - Bankok Airspace.

Screenshot_20181014-095900 Screenshot_20181014-095605 Screenshot_20181014-095501 Screenshot_20181014-095534 Screenshot_20181014-095910 Screenshot_20181014-095549

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wow that is a lot of pictures!

I have the north pole too

oh wow good pictures just took of from KEWR for this flight

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Ok guys yes that is a lot of pictures jeez. Could I recommend posting a couple here:

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Oops. . I’ll just delete some haha. .

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Did the -10 make it? I’ve considered doing it once or twice, but it’s always been too close for comfort with that one, but I’ve done it with the 777-300ER, 787-8, A380, 777-200LR, and one more I think…

@KPIT Yup. PAX 150 to 161. Just like A350URL.


And full fuel? Maby I’ll try this tonight…

@KPIT you can takeoff and follow me now i just took off

Uh, I can’t right now I don’t think, let me see…

Which end are you on?

I’m going east and I’m on the expert server callsign is singapore 421

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