Who has flown Eurowings before?

Hello IFC, I kinda need your guys’ help.

So I’m flying Eurowings on the 19th December to Krakow (Stop-over in Dusseldorf, Very excited!)
But I’m having struggles picking seats on the A320 to Krakow, I’ve chosen the seat 12F on the A319 (LHR-DUS) but I’m not sure what to pick on the A320, since I normally get the front seats but I’m not gonna pay like £16 for a seat plus there are 3 people so I would rather a normal seat.

If anyone can give me some recommendations on good seats I would be very grateful.

Thanks a lot!

*That’s not where the wings are, I’m not sure why it’s so misaligned.
(Here is the Seat plan on the plane btw)

I’ve also marked rows 14 and 30.


This might have a few tips in the comments…

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This is the A320 on Eurowings, not the A319 :/.

That’s 14A on an EW A320 (it was an ex-Air Berlin airframe though (but with EW (at least branded) seats)

Can recommend anything close to it for sure (for overwing views and fast exit with a boarding bridge if the preferred section is no option).

I would go for 15F or 17A in your case, depending on the side of the aircraft you prefer on the route.


I forgot to mention I picked seats 21A but I wonder if I could get better seats*

I’d move more to the front, but if you don’t like being over the wing you should probably go back a few more rows (see the picture in my initial post).

I love the wing! That’s where the Airbus sounds come from! But thanks for the picture. It does help. I might pick a row on the flaps, around rows 18-19 maybe?

Because on the A319 I have a similar row to the one you shown me. (Over the wing)

I will fly them soon

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Oops, here’s the A320:

Well, that is an (old from 2016) picture from 17F on a Germanwings A320:

But as there are so many different configurations it’s hard to recommend an exact row. Anything between 11-17 would be my choice, but 18-20 shouldn’t be bad either.

In a normal A320 I would say from 23 to 25, but I’m not 100% sure. I’m flying on Friday with them if you PM me I can send it to you on Friday.

What seat are you in?

Im not sure but I can look for you wich row is good.

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Thank you.

That’s the row I want! Thank you.

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So should i look or you know it now?

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Im curious, if you can then I want to know ;)

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That’s the view from 17F on an Germanwings A320 (from 2016):

As EW is using so many different configurations it’s though to recommend one specific row. I would go for anything between 11-16, but 17-20 shouldn’t be bad either

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No problem, just uploaded the post again as there was an issue with the images.

My A320 only has 30 rows :/