Who go to events?

please answer me who go to events?

I do but I am looking for one on now or we can organise something

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Do you want to do a flight with me I need inspiration

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Have nice meal. That sounds good

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I am in GMT too

Hey Peter I am doing some ATc practice if you are interested I’m GMt Irish standard time so event is at KSNA at 8:00 if you are interested!

Okay advanced or…

I do and if you are interested you can join mine at KSNA8:00 GMT I’m doing tower and ground and there could be a possible approach! Anyone can look at my status called ATC practice to keep updated thanks!

Eh playground

No problem I’ll be there

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Great! Spread the word if you know anyone else who is interested! All are welcome!

I’ll do that so

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Hi I’m jordan from newyork I’m 17 and I have always loved flying. Last year I actually got my pilots license. I’ve been using infinite flight for a little over a year but not till recently did I join this online community and start reading these threads. Anyway I would love to organize an event would anyone want to help. I was thinking something in Hawaii

Hey Jordan! Best thing for events is to put the info into a thread and send it out the Rest! I at the moment don’t have any paid regions but I could help you in others! Read my post on this thread for an event or contact a few IFEP’s!

What exactly are ifeps

Infinite Flight Elite Pilots - It’s a group that do event flights, they have to take a special test and then it’s like a flying crew. If you think you’re good enough, you should contact @BBJMAX and enquire about joining.

IFEP- infinite flight elite pilot! It’s a group which @BBJMAX is in charge of and ATC playground crew! Send him a PM if you want more info about IFEP or @King_Black! Hope this helps also you might see
IFFP infinite flight fan group
IFWP infinite lite world pilots
TPP the professional pilots
There just groups that people can join!

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