Who Ghosted Me?

A few minutes ago, I was at SGBR, while @Plnelovr was doing ATC as a gate hold was in effect; he has no relation to this.

After taxiing to the hold short line, I noticed that I had to cross runway 9L to get to runway 9R, but here is the kicker; I had to enter the runway to get there, so I turned onto the runway as a BA B777-300ER turns onto the runway in the other direction with no ATC calls to my knowledge; I made the cross runway call as another dude made a cross runway call; The BA 777 was in my eyes the one who made the cross runway call, so i expected him to continue across the runway, but no.

I stop ASAP and wait for something; I get the ‘Ghosted by multiple users’ call.

I know just what to do; I check my logbook and it appears that @BluePanda900 ghosted me, but I look at the ES Airspace status and there is no ATC;

I am not intending on clogging up the Forums and blaming @BluePanda900 because I’m not sure if it was him, but I am now sitting here, confused as heck as to what just happened; who did this to me?

What was your callsign/controller who ghosted you?


If you can’t check i think you either open your log book or go into the replay and it’ll tell you somewhere someone correct me if i am wrong

It would be in the logbook, under “view flight details”.


I made a mess-up; read the full article if you like.

If it said “Multiple users” Then a staff or mod ghosted you

I don’t care if I miss a week of ES; I just want to know what went wrong.

Please check your private messages to resolve the ghost. There is no need for further comment on this topic.