Who else thinks this should be Qantas's next retro livery?

anyone else think this should be Qantas’s next retro livery and put it on a 747-400

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thanks @CaptainDawud

I don’t think they should put in a 747-400 because they are getting old and are getting retired. I would put them on the 787

787 isnt coming until next year

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It’s retro for a reason right 🤔

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The suspense… I won’t be here to see it, I am going to see a350s and 747-8Fs though

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I really like Qantas’ retro liveries, maybe this on a A380

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It’s funny because they put this on a 737-800 but not a 747-400

I would love but unfortunately I can’t see it happening :(

There’s always hope though!

People spammed the same request on to Qantas’s Instagram page but most were taken down

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I would like it on a 787 or A380 (I wish it wasn’t an Airbus)

I would prefer a 744

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the 787 is already out

Not in real life Qantas isn’t getting there first ones until next year

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