Who else does this while parking your aircraft?

Who else just goes at the gate your parking at and then watch your aircraft slowly turning and then stopping? Am I the only one?


What is that view? Is it the free cam?

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Sometimes I do that when I want to do some airline spotting. Or when I finished my flight, I decided to stay longer and spot some inbound and takeoffs


You’re the only one.


Yes it is the free cam.

Well I think that you are the only one then. Personally I prefer to take the normal locked cam (the 3rd one) and I look at the front of the aircraft…

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I don’t do that when I am taxing into the gate but I do love watching the aircraft just turn into the gate smoothly and just love watching the aircraft line up perfectly on the line at the gate.

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I love to do this. Haha but I mostly do cockpit view.

Yeh it’s weird, I’ve seen my plane doing that while I’m organising my flight plan, for some reason a lot of the time my plane spawns then it moves and turns slowly, it needs to be fixed or maybe not because global will have the start position

I like to taxi into my gate very slowly to be realistic, but I don’t use my freecam while doing it.

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I’ve never even thought of this. I’ll try it on my next flight.

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Uhm… me every time.

How do I control the free cam? I have no clue, I just make it move at random but haven’t taken the time to figure it out.

Use the left side of your screen to move forward, and the right side to look around(might be the other way around)

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i do it too all the time

yes you are my friend

Yes. Tail cam for me

Nice idea you have

I did a search and found the answer. Thanks though!

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