Who else does this before they board a plane?

First impressions are lasting impressions.

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yes as I am a kid it makes me feel connected to aviation and makes me happy


I give her an ole slap on the hatch to let her know shes mine now.


Until they wash off your fingerprints 😂


shys away yes I do that too :P

Yep I’ve been flying since 9 months old. Every time from that day I’ve touched the outside of the aircraft for some reason

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Yeeessss!!! 😂😂😂

I do it everytime, you gotta trust it, you know? gotta make sure it’s in good condition xD

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I do this every single flight and I don’t know why. I usually touch the aircraft and breathe deeply. It’s funny thinking about how soon the surface will be 36000 feet up and blasted with turbulence and such. I feel like I’m putting my life in “her” hands so it’s nice to get to physically contact it.
So yeah, I do this :)


Okay, some of you need to take a cold shower…


I mostly do it when travelling with KLM. (which means almost every time I fly)

Yes. All the time,I usually get in close for a snog too, tongues and everything. Before caressing it gently and whispering, ‘we’re together you and I, forever and ever, no-one can love you like I can. No-one. Not even that member of cabin crew who is currently marching towards me with an angry look on her face.’

I don’t do that on EasyJet planes though, I do have some standards.


feeling a plane with your hand is more then fine but kissing it… that’s a bit to over the top. {;;

no i do it all the time

I have never done this.

i didn’t do it yet, but by seeing this topic, it tell me that’s a thing i have to do on my next flight.


Yep, I give it a stroke and see how it feels, before going in and seeing how she sounds/smells. Great fun.

I just poke it… stroking it looks very strange. :/

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Hahaha always do it!

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This scares me.