Who doesn’t love the Grumman F-14 Flight of 2

Flight of 2 @ifphgofficial


You’ve gotta love the F-14! My dad worked on those as a mechanic in the navy, so it has a special place in my heart!


Oh wow that’s pretty cool 😎👌🏽. Ever since it came out from IF I really like the handle of the F-14.

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Wow, awesome pictures man! How fast were you cruising at?

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we just finished a flight to KXTA in F14s

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Almost cried when the last one inservice flew… I love this girl. And I love when you randomly come across another flying it and you join up!

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We had to slow it down to Mach .90 so we can get good photos . Thanks

The Tomcats that were lucky enough not to be turned into scrap metal and destroyed over ten years ago are probably at the NAS Point Magu in a museum or in moth balls so to speak


So sad… the sounds of those beast, the visual arousal I would and still get…

They have at least one very nice looking one in the museum on NAS Pensacola.