Who do you think you are?

Hello Everyone,

As I’m reading through the forums almost daily, I keep seeing a recurring theme…community members complaining about other community members not flying responsibly. While I do agree that when members are flying in a manner that exudes courtesy and professionalism, it makes for a much more enjoyable experience for us all. This goes without saying, to be sure. I, for one, take this very seriously and I want this experience to be as near to reality as possible. But if you are using an app that anyone can purchase and have equal access to, then you have to expect all degrees of inexperience and immature behavior. Why don’t we instead take a look at this from another angle? Please allow me to explain…

I used to get utterly perturbed with inexperienced users rolling right through me on taxi, cutting in front of me on a called final, flying within a few feet of me, and so on. Just like most of you. The last time it happened, I made a hasty and fleet-footed charge right the IFC to find the offender and give them a stern and emphatic ultimatum to either learn the procedures or else! While I was planning to commit this wanton act of stupidity, I had an epiphany.

“Who do you think you are?” In a flash, I realized it. I’m someone who can help. Rather than go and complain and beat my chest like a hairy male simian, why don’t I try to help the person who knows less than I do? Why don’t I try to be a mentor for that person? Why not? I couldn’t come up with a good reason to not do it. So, rather than verbally lambaste the offender, I made the conscious decision to stop my whining and complaining because somebody “broke my toy”, and do what I can to make the community a better place for all us. Isn’t that what a community does, help their own? Would you watch someone who lives in your community struggle when you know you can help them?

So the next time someone licks the red off of your lollipop because they cut in front of you, or don’t follow procedure, or descends right on top of you, or any of the plethora of ways that one can be offended, stop. Take a quick second. And ask yourself…”Who do you think you are?”

Warmest Regards


Just to answer your title;

I’m Sebastian. Nice to meet you.


And I’m Aussie_Wombat. Nice to meat you to :)


Please move this to the “post that are to long to read” category.

😆 just joking. Just joking. This was a good post that is well thought out. Great way to add to the community man :)

Your gonna grow here 👌✊👏🤘🤙🤜🤛


Hi I’m Buddy the Elf what’s your favourite colour?!!!?