Who do you think the first of those will come? 787 or Global Flight?

  • Boeing 787
  • Global Flight
  • Both in the same update

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I think the 787 in the global update. We actually have no proof the work has started on the 787.


100% B777-200LR


They rarely release two major updates at once. And global flight is pretty far away from completion (as far as I know). So I’d say the next to come will be the 787 update!

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What are the they? Two?

The 787 update and Global Flight. The 787 is actually a long awaited update. Trust me.

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Misunderstood, I thought you’re saying there 2 update will come out

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Who knows they play there card close to their chest with all the updates.

Erm could you like explain this? I don’t understand this part lol

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It’s just means they are secretive about it. It’s an old saying.

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Ah I see, thanks for the explanation…

I would just say that they want to keep us hanging in the air (hold us up in suspense) :P

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This moment when i dream that Matt post here

Who has say Boeing 787 is coming?

Actually this poll is just the reverse of what we do actually :)


I want Boeing 787 to come out first :p

I waiting for Maju-lah or Bo-eng lor…

I think the 777-200LR then 787 and then global flight

I’ll be mad if the 777s come before the 787!

I think that might just be the case :P

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Hmm yes I do have that feeling as well. I wouldn’t mind because I sorta want the 777 sooner :P

You better start it now