Who do you look up to?/Who do you think is most active?

I’ve asked this before in the #lounge do I thought I’d ask it to everyone. What do you guys think??

You mean as far as community members?

Check here : https://community.infiniteflight.com/users?period=all


The most actives users are : @Patrick_U, @carson & @Boeing707

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Personal I think of @BrunoC when you are talking active he’s always on the forum contributing :)

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@Boeing707 hasn’t been online since like September.

But yeah, if you say so I guess…

For me… @Maxmustang


I do like @Maxmustang replies though.

I love the Maxsez ;-) @Maxmustang

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Need some non-regulars to reply!! The last 3 posts I’ve been in has been 85% regulars replying

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What about me lol.

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Yeh we need more of you 😂

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(feeling appreciated) Thanks a lot :)

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Good!! You should just need to become a regular that should be your next goal

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@ogilbey remember, you can do it ! That’s your next ultimate goal !

Working towards it not been on here for long though.

Thanks a lot dude :)

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@Flying-Switzerland @ogilbey need to change this thread to “@ogilbey will become a regular”

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Need to change my username it just doesn’t fit lol.

Oh, and i have ran out likes

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That’s your homework @ogilbey, for the next week I would like that you become a regular on the IFC.

We are a bit off topic right now, let’s return back to the subject

Yeh same that same why I’m not liking anything! Useally I like everything 😂

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I look up to myself. I don’t need to be like other people.