Who do I connect too?

I am used to flying on casual with unicom. Who do I connect too on take off, approach, and taxi?
I am pretty sure taxing I connect to ground and approach I connect to approach. When do I switch to the tower and ground? As soon as I land? I have done ATC before but I have not been on the other end as the pilot.

Im on training.

Tower will give you an exit runway command and a contact ground clearance. That’s when you switch.

Generally frequency changes are given by atc so you’ll know when you can switch.

But don’t be that guy who calls into approach or tower at ridiculous altitudes or speed.


Do I contact tower or approach on my approach?

Approach .

And they’ll send you to tower

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You contact approach initially, then once they have cleared you for approach you get handed off to tower.
Also, this is a pretty good video that covers the basics of using ATC very briefly

It’s pretty ancient, but that doesn’t stop it from being helpful.

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