Who did?

Who did the list of all the airlines and their aircraft in IF??

How do you “do” an aircraft? You mean who designed them? Please be more thorough.

No someone created a list of all the airlines aircraft and I’m wondering who did it

Where at? Sorry, I still don’t understand what you’re referring to.

Sorry? I’m not to sure what you’re referring too but if it’s too how aircraft and certain liveries get implemented into the game it’s through requests in the ‘Features’ section of the forums.

Did anyone made a list of the Airlines in IF and Aircraft they Operate

You mean the one on kiltmchaggis.com?
The website is retired.

Maybe @Kilt_McHaggis can help you though.

Yeh that’s it thanks.

Access DBase
Airports: image
Liveries: image
Listing of Airport Specific a=Liveries
Records so far for GLOBAL Airports


ALL of this info as well as the new Gate size info is being bundled at some future date into Cameron’s tool Live Flight

Cameron provides the prolific web enabled system, I provide the data and charts as we move to Global!!!


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