Who determines traffic runway use at an uncontrolled airport.

So if ur at an uncontrolled airport and there is NO discernable traffic pattern, no ATC. Who determines which runway is in use?
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I would assume whichever one you want. If theres other plans there, go to whatever one they’re using. (I might be wrong).

No, I just got a Formal warning because I chose the WRONG runway. I really need help with this.

Its kind of your choice but it is best to land against the winds. Make sure to check the METAR of the airport.

All runways were green.

The runway at an uncontrolled airfield is determined by wind conditions and you the pilot. Standard patterns are Left hand unless terrain or parallel runways dictate a right pattern. If there are other people in the pattern you use the runway they are.


A formal warning from the system for using the wrong runway? I don’t believe that exists unless you landed at an airport that your current aircraft was restricted at.

Do not trust that, sometimes it is glitched and the runways will be shown green when in reality they are unsafe to land on.

I was at KDFW a moment ago. No ATC. A plane lands at 35L and I’m hearing later was ghosted by…god knows who. Anyway I take off from the runway he landed at and I get a formal warning from my VA. I need to know what I did wrong.

@Playr_Mar, can you open your flight log and check who ghosted you? Then PM them and ask them why.

How do you know he was ghosted?

Whichever the winds are favoring

Pfft VAs if they can’t tell you then you should move to a different one.


You chose the runway with the best winds usually but as long as the winds are within the parameters of taking off (tailwinds no more than 10kts, crosswind no more than 35kts) you can choose either side as long as you respect already inbound aircraft using a runway. If no one is there you choose. If someone is already inbound use the runway they are using or parallel runways. Do not go in the opposite direction of them.

In addition if you use flightradar24.com you can see what runways are in use in real life. Then really you shouldnt be blamed for using those runways if someone else is using them. As long as you are respecting already inbound flights and already departing flights.

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I wasn’t ghosted. I was WARNED by my VA. That a IFATC member messaged them about me.

Ask them who it was, and PM them about it.

Can a IFATC member maybe speak up if he, was the one that messaged about me

Man you got your answer ask those questions within your VA if they can’t provide an answer change VAs


My VA wouldn’t tell me. Just said I was wrong and learn from it.

… well ok then. So let me get this straight:

  1. VA says an IFATC controller said you used the wrong runway at an uncontrolled airport
  2. They refuse to tell you who it was and explain why. Instead they just tell you to move on

Am I missing anything?