Who controls ATC

Hi everyone sorry about the newby question but is ATC in infinite flight AI? Or real people?

Real people, on Training it can be anyone (minimal requirements) but on Expert you have to get certified for IFATC.


Okay and what if there is no atc available at the airport your landing at?

If there is no ATC available at an airport, you can tune to that airports traffic frequency. Using this, you can broadcast any intentions by letting other pilots know which runway you intend to use.


You use UNICOM.

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Alright thanks guys!


Also one more thing, how do newcomers to the training and expert server get to learn how to communicate with ATC? Does the game teach you?

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Yes, basically.

It is pretty easy once you get to know the Pro-World.

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There’s a lot of helpful tutorials on the infinite flight YouTube channel and website about how to communicate with ATC


Alright thanks

This is on the website: 😉

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