Who can't wait for a hurricane?

I will not wish natural disasters to populated areas.

Good luck taking off. I remember a tropical strom passing by TNCM(before atc) and I took off and crashed on the runway using 737. 3 second flight.

And as for your question. No one here in South Florida or in the Caribbean is waiting for a hurricane. Unless your a kid that just hates school.

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I live in SoFlo and I been in some hurricanes and tropical storms.But to be honest,its fun because the power goes out and the rain makes it easy to go to sleep but the best part is seeing the damage.Even thought it’s dangerous,I ride to KFLL to a local plane spotting area and see how empty the airport is.

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It’s all fun and games until a Cat 5 comes hurdling down your street. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


(no comment)…

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Such a cruel man


Time to use Auto land

It’d dissappear when the Almighty C172 comes.

There are storms but no hurricanes in Florida.

We never had a hurricane for 10 years

Since hurricane Wilma but after that,it was only tropical storms.

No. There were a couple of category ones that hit north Florida.

A long while ago the Weather was manually set for an FNF on advanced to strong winds and changing visibility in Denver.

This lack of effort for coordinated events since is disappointing. That was by far the most and only enjoyable FNF with a point. Since then there has barely been a Notam.

Maybe they could add a NOAA Gulfstream IV-SP.

No storm will stop me and my 757. It’s mustache has been trimmed to handle very violent storms. While your planes are tossed around the might Bulba will fly his 757 into any storm.

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