Who can we contact about an automated ghosting?

I received a ghosting on the training server. No ATC at the airport. Nobody playing anywhere near me. Can this even be appealed?

On the Training Server? Are you sure about that?

Impossible to get ghosted on TS you might get a server ghost after 5 violations or something but if that happened I believe all you have to do is start a new flight

I can only be on the training server, I will admit I made the mistake of working on my weight while on the runway, and apparently the violation came in when it was paused. I saw the message and began moving off the runway, right before my back wheels could get off, I got the message that I was ghosted. I never knew this was a rule, but I do now, but regardless, I was at an airport with nobody around, pretty rural with nobody in sight.

The user might be suggesting to numerous violations accumulated during one session. Five are equivalent to one ghost. Violations are not to remove me unless the fault falls on the app itself. There is no way you could be reported for any such reason on the Training Server, unless you receive too many violations. Apologies for the inconvenience

You can’t ghosted on TS I think after 5 violations you get a server or session ghost meaning you just have to close app and restart it and you’re good to go

Are you saying that you got ghosted because of the “on the runway for too long” rule?

Yes, you do receive a violation if you remain on the runway idle for to long, if you are on unicom.

As @Plane-Train-TV mentioned, violations can’t be removed unless it is a fault with the app it’s self and in this case it isn’t.

Make sure in the future to set your weight, fuel etc… before you enter a active runway, whether there is traffic around or not.

You can’t set all that on the runway the app doesn’t allow that, you can only change your fuel cargo and all that on the taxi way not on the runway I thought

This is a session ghost, it’s not actually a report in the manner of an ATC report on Expert. It will not show up in your grade table on the reports line(s), nor will it count against you 5-report limit for permanent access to Expert.

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Correct. You must not be on a runway in order to change your fuel and weight settings.

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If you idle on the runway you get violations, I think that’s what you got, not ghosting

5 violations do equal a system ghost, however, so it is technically possible to get “ghosted” on TS.

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Ahh I see, I looked in my logbook and noticed it said 1 violation. Weird. I could’ve sworn I had seen a red box that said I was ghosted. But thanks for clearing this up.

You would have seen a box that said you were ghosted, yes. However, it just kicks you out of the session, it doesn’t have any lasting impact as a report on your grade table.

They only do this for two things, aerobatics violations and runway idle violations.

The reason you were “ghosted” for idling on the runway is because the system has no way of knowing if you’ve deserted your device or what, and without the session ghost, you could potentially sit there on the runway indefinitely, which would cause issues for other pilots, so it simplys kills your session.

But that’s it. Won’t count against you as a report in the future or anything. Just the single violation.

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But you can’t access your weight and balance while on a active runway on live only on solo you can change your weight whenever you like

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