Who can land on instruments alone?

Because then your not flying :)

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I don’t know if this will work with other aircraft but I can fly the Citation X totally on the autopilot once in the air all the way to touchdown. When I intercept the glideslope I pull the altitude down to zero. Don’t turn it off. Control the descent to stay on the glideslope with changes in the VS and stay on the localizer with changes in the HDG. The plane lands itself.

Yeh when I auto land I change the vs at about 50 feet from touchdown, gives a nice flare, from about 600fpm to about 200fpm should give a nice touchdown, timing is the key though

Or you can just set your Altitude to the first 100 increment below the elevation if your airport and the plane will auto flare itself :wink:

Works best within 50’ or less for example ;
Runway elevation 434ft, set Altitude to 400ft.

Didn’t think of it that way.
Makes sense.
I’ll try that

I do Thomas, I think they seem like cheating when it comes to navigation. But that’s just me. Plus not knowing is half the fun.

Well, the main reason is that in real world no one uses the A/P (like the IF one) for landings.
Did you ever see a video where the pilot controlling was frenetically spinning his A/P switches during landing? Give me the link if yes xD
This is because the A/P managed by the pilots is not accurate enough.
You may have noticed, for example, that the runway heading almost never coincides perfectly with a certain HDG setting.

I’m not sure, but I think that an Autopilot approach will cause a terrain alarm.

But not always pilots do all manually, autothrottle and autothrust are common supporters (currently not featured in Infinite Flight).

In bad visibility conditions Autoland is often the only way to bring the aircraft safely on the ground. By engaging it pilots can still watch the aircraft approaching and landing by itself.
And I’m sure that one of the next updates in very near future will include this feature ;)

I’ve got airport and users name off.
Just for realism.
I fly always the same (short) routes following my flight plan.

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I do most of my landing using instrument (both for ILS approach or visual).

I try to intercept ILS at 3000 above and maintain -900ft/min decent. If you look through your HUD, your will land before the runway at this rate, but do not worry. At 300 above, you want to change your decent rate to -600 and maintain this until 50 above (you will hear call out). At this point, gradually reduce decent to -300 and you should have a smooth touch down all with instrument.