Who can guess this livery and aircraft? - Sumith got it! A350XWB Carbon

Photo is not mine (LSGG airport)

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Air New Zealand A321?

Thank you for participate !

KLM? I don’t know what aircraft tho

A350XWB House Colors?

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A350? Yes
House colors ? No

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I meant the demo color ;)

Its an A350

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How its called ?

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I don’t know what it called unfortunely :(

Change one letter : Carson

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Airbus A350-900 Carbon Fibre Livery…


I think @Sumith guessed it right

It looks like a zebra or a cat with stripes paint scheme. Just saying.

looks pretty cool from this angle!

Is this the A330 in House Colors?

###Congrats @Sumith !
##Airbus A350XWB Carbon Livery !

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air new Zealand a350XB

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Airbus a350 in his airbus XWb livery