Who can give me advice on flight routes in China

I want to explore my country in the game. Why not in reality? The first is because of lack of time, the second is because there is no money. I hope to receive your suggestions and explore the beauty

•Over the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region overlooking the northwest of the motherland?
• Fly from Shanghai to Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to explore the beauty of the mountains?
• Or flying in Sichuan Province and challenging landing at the highest airport in the country?

As a student, I certainly can’t experience it all, and I hope to get good advice on flying on weekends! Thank you!

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Here are some unique routes that take advantage of some newly released / underused 3D airports:

Route Aircraft
ZBAA-ZYYJ Air China B738
ZSNJ-ZUYB China Eastern A320
ZJSY-ZSSS Juneyao B789
ZYTL-ZSOF China Eastern A320
ZUCK-ZULS Air China A319
ZWBL-ZWWW Tianjin E190

Thank you for your suggestion, I‘ll try!🫡


Your screenshot, for summarizing the distribution and location of 3d airports in China, I just had to bookmark. Insightful reference. Thank you! And kind of stunning I thought, for showing just how many 3d options there are in China.

Would you happen to have a route and how to get a FPL to Daocheng?

The related documents for this airport (and some other small airports) are considered confidential so there won’t be much information about them.
But what I could say is that the approach is not as fancy as those valley airports (ZUNZ for example), not to mention it has a working ILS. Typically you come in from KDJ VOR or BIGOR, file direct, and vector yourself in when you approach downwind/base.


Oh and if your cruising, always add and additional +100 to your altitude

Ex: 36,100ft instead of 36,000

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