Who Blocked the Sun?

While gathering thumbnails for my upcoming live-streams, I headed to New Zealand. What a surprise! The low(ish) visibility and early morning sunrise was a very pleasant view.

Server: Solo

How do you think this turned out?

If you’d like to visit the livestream, it’ll be tomorrow at 1:00PM EST. https://youtu.be/6510LAiKLfs


The sun stopped shining, oh no! Great photo by the way. I have to find a permanent heat source because the sun disappeared.

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Glad you like it too :)

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Very nice shot

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That is actually a really great photo, great one!

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Thank you! The version that I created with the IF Logo looks even better, but I don’t think I’m supposed to post pictures with the logo on the forum 😬

The sun just got tired you know…stars have feelings too.

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this is an awesome twitter story btw

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