Who are you behind the screen?

Who are you all in the cockpit? And why do you fly? I’m just curious about if there are any real pilots or people who are thinking of doing something within the aviation profession. I can tell you right now that I’m not a pilot but a rather fascinated kid who likes airplanes but aren’t that full of knowledge when it comes to aircraft specifics. I figure most of the community are a part of a VA or a VO, is that to add even more realism to you or just to meet new people and have status? I fly IF because it’s kinda cool just flying around over places I’ve been and comparing pictures from the game and from real life and quite honestly having speakers or like good headphones you can really hear how good the sound is on some of the aircraft!


I’m just a teen from Australia who flys planes in both real life and in simulators (Xplane and IF). I started off as loving aviation from around the age of 12 and I’m now nearly 17 and have over 60 hours in the air (in the real world). I love aviation from around 10 years old and decided to make it a dream/goal for my career. I current hold a Recreation Pilots Certificate is Australia (not sure what that equals for where you’re from) and am hoping to covert to a Private Pilots License by the end of this year. I started flight training when I was 13-14 and finished when I was around 15-16.

And when I’m not flying IRL I hop on IF and keep my passion going.

Hopefully this was interesting to read 😂



@anon66442947 is an almost 11 year old that drinks beer while controlling. @Prashant_Divedi learned how to vector people into mountains from him


woah dude that’s so cool, I wanted to take flight hours but $$ ya know


Hi. I am just a San Francisco teen who loves gaming, aviation, and other public transportation related games and topics!


Yeah it’s expensive man… but worth every cent once you get up there ;)


I’m a new pilot IRL. I have a little hours in the air now but I will be continuing my learning.


You got it wrong. Tom vector peoples towards the mountains and ghost if they crash.

His birthday is on 29 February so yea…I feel him


Yeah? I’ve been playing with some games with public transportation too like bus simulator 2019, like every train simulator there is on android and some ships

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A violinist and a pianist who tries to balance flying and music by being on IF 3-7 times on Sat and Sun when I should be practicing😂


Gonna get deep. Used this simulator in 6th and 7th grade to relax after a rough day (so every day).

All through 2018 I took a break to handle school (pretty bad bullying and all that sad jazz).

Got to a better school for this year, and decided to try out IF again. Here I am.

Played since before global. Waaay before global. Took an all inclusive break from everything. Came back after almost 2 years this year. Since that, joined IFATC and am a Grade 5 pilot.

Also in DLVA.

Also a student Pilot with over 40 flight hours.

Live in Connecticut
Also play saxophone 🎷


I am your average technology geek who professionally plays the violin.


That’s me lol, I prioritise IF over studying for tests oups… Didn’t turn out horrible though

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not to flex or anything lol

but I’m sorry man that sounds rough, glad you pulled through

@Eiknixsis lol not meant to be a flex. More like a “wow I’ve come far” sorta thing.

Thanks for the kind words. I’m about the happiest person you will ever meet now!


I will keep this short but get deep into my life (predators screw you)

I got into aviation to get my mind off of my parents getting divorced then to keep my mind off of the bad relationship with my dad which has now fallen apart. That was 5 years ago. I got into IF about 4.99 years ago. Started out as a rebel getting ghosted frequently. I am now a IFATC Officer, IFATC trainer and I am a member of IFAE. I am the oldest out of 6 boys my blended family has (another kid on the way 😫). We live on a farm and have animals ranging from the occasional kitten batch (soon chick batches as well) to horses. I work at a local farm and earn $10 an hour killing prairie dogs (A farmers least favorite animal). I am going into my senior year next year and hope to be paid to travel after college!


I have a culinary arts degree from The Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park New York and am also getting my BA in criminal justice. I have worked in fine dining restaurants for most of my working career, which include Le Bernardin which is a 3 Michelin star restaurant.

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Cheers to all of you for your achievements! Dilly Dilly!

I am about to GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL 🎓 in a couple of days!! (This Thursday, the 6th 😆) and I love flying because I always had a passion for aviation ever since I was a child and I also love photography (follow my IG @ TheFrancis.Rosario -shameless plug-) because of all the fun adventures and cultures I get to experience.

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I’m 17, a future Air Force Pilot and airshow enthusiast