Who are the Most Well-Known Avionics Manufacturers?

Aside from Garmin, Avidyne, and Honeywell off the top off my head, who are the other major producers of avionics? I ask because most GA aircraft are now fitted with either Garmin or Avidyne systems, but I don’t know whether companies like Boeing and Airbus outsource and/or produce their own.


Bendix King is another big manufacturer


Panasonic is a semi quiet but big manufacturer of avionics, they have a headquarter here in Lake Forest, California. This was surprising to me as my office is around the corner from their location .


Rockwell Collins, based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They contribute their systems to both Commercial & Government projects such as: auto land and synthetic vision; respectively.

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Perhaps Iowa’s proximity to Duluth, MN (Cirrus HQ) was why they were one of the first to roll out synthetic vision compared to the HQs of other GA manufacturers.

^ As credible as a conspiracy theory.

Their IFE and cabin system is great. Honeywell’s lighting system on the 787 is amazing.


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