Who Are The Largest Virtual Airlines and How Many Pilots Do They Have?

Pretty much as the title says.

Skyliner Air has 63 pilots ATM.

Believe its Qantas VA


Qantas Virtual Infinite flight

Proudly at 110+ pilots, and still growing!


TravelSky is on the smaller side compared to your airlines, but we have about 25 pilots at the moment.


More. I think TSK has around 35 pilots or something

That was last I remember anyway. Counting time!

As @Skylines mentioned Qantas has about 112+ active pilots, however I don’t think that pilot numbers alone show how sucsessfully an airline is. The length it has been operating is a better indication. We have been going for 4 years this month!


That is true… A small airline with all members active can equally be successful ;)

ryanair has about 15 and been running for a couple months :)

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I think Air France - KLM has over 1000 pilots…

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IFES is reaching 50 pilots really soon :)

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Star Alliance has Lufhansa, Air Canada (Sam Air), Singapore all together

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Not sure if that counts as an airline but yea that’ll be quite a number 😂

Dont ever mention that name around here, where Qantas Virtual IF lurks. 😎

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Didn’t IFWP have over 1,000 before that thing happened?

Is this Air France VA still active?

How about IFFG?

That’s not an Airline that’s a group. I think IFWP was an airline.

Alright but I thought IFWP is a group as well… 😓

I don’t know it might be. We need expert advice.