Who Are Anonymized Users?

G’Day all, I have noticed a lot of anon accounts and that they always seem to get the gold badges and lots of likes. They all seem to be inactive.


They’re inactive users or deactivated accounts.

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I thought they were hackers or just bots because of the amount of accounts with the name anon at the start followed by lots of random numbers

Haha dont get too excited, it’s a very boring story!


Now I want to know


The users have either been banned, been inactive for a prolonged period or requested their account be closed. It’s as simple as that I am afraid :)

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Oh okay thanks for the help.

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They tend to be users who have been inactive. However, Deer once told me in PM that some request to be anonymized.
check out here about anonymize user

Example: @anon48741742

That’s why there names are like that

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Yup, I edited my post with example

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Yeah it was just weird because I find most of them to have lots of likes

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They’ll have as many likes as their original account had. We anonymise accounts on request, so we have some anon accounts that belonged to quite prominent forum members.

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So if I wanted to be anonymous you would and my name would be like


I don’t want to be anonymous

No, I think it is a random number set

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We have a button that automatically does it. It’ll remove all information from your public profile, but your posts will still be visible


Thanks everyone for the help.

In addition to what @ewanfleming says it does all of this

the touch of a button


I read the post, it’s pretty amazing how it does it

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