Who and what are you thankful for in 2023?

Wow, can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by, quite a lot has happened to me that I am very thankful for.

To start, I am thankful for getting the privilege to be in both IFATC and IFAET. I am very thankful for the ability to travel to 6 new countries and try several new airlines and aircraft. I am also thankful for the community who has supported me for the last 1.5 years.

Now, for the mass ping…

@United403 for being @United403

@BenjiTheBull @Wonderousbuilder641 and @MANDELA for teaching me several tricks on event stuff

@Drummer for being my IFATC recruiter

@DeerCrusher for making me IFAET

@Cole_Woodard for being a cool person and being the first IFC user I met IRL

@Dan @jasonrosewell @AviatorGriffYT and @ODFly who I met IRL at the LAX meetup and who I got to talk to

And some other people:
@MrGoatX @Prestoni @PhorzaSky @Bay_Area_Aviation @Ryan_15 @Mort @_TheTexanAvgeek @TheBest @IF.Kaden @anon38552190 @NonStopsAviation @BP-Aviation @the_ding @EastTexasAviationYT @Pilot_InfiniteFlight @If.EnglandYT @Flyin.Hawaiian


Simple and effective 😆

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Remember seeing the first United A321neo in final assembly? Crazy how it’s now in service


Jeez… there’s so much and so many people to be thankful for this year. First off, let’s hear it for the devs, who put together and release all of our awesome updates we get, with these amazing new aircraft and features every time.

And to the mods and staff for all the work they do.

And, of course, all the absolutely incredible human beings that make up the IFC, including, but certainly not limited to:

@United403 @PhorzaSky @Pilot_InfiniteFlight @anon38552190 @Butter575 @EastTexasAviationYT @TheBest @TAPVirtual @BreezeVirtual @Topgottem @Flyin.Hawaiian @Lufthansa1 @Butter575 @BenjiTheBull @Cole_Woodard @NonStopsAviation @TheCanadianPilot @airBalticVirtual @RyanairVirtualGroup @IF.Kaden @Zhopkins @BenjiTheBull @NonStopsAviation


Thank you so much!

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We’re thankful to have you flying with us!

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Thank you!! We are glad to have you on board at Ryanair Virtual

From all of us here from the team at Ryanair Virtual Group we wish you a happy Christmas and new year!

Public Relations Manager, Ryanair Virtual Group

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Thank’s for mentioning me! @Butter575

I’d also like to thank every single IFC member in this community! Y’all it was a great year in 2023!

BRING ON 2024!!!✈️

And the A380 rework🤪

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Thank you!. Y’all really made it welcoming here :)

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I left behind some people

Thank you to these people:
@MANDELA for being my first flyout in expert with you!
@Mort He is a good friend (one of my first)


I’m thankful, firstly to my parents for everything they’re making for me. Secondly, i’m thankful to everyone here at IFC for all the moments. I’m thankful to @schyllberg for resolving all my stupid errors ans question when i began here. And finally to Elon Musk because he opened back the route of space and made a lot of career possibilities.


I’m thankful for @United403 @UnitedVirtual


I suppose I should attend this.


Thank you to @applepro243 for recommendations on editing softwares. Sure my photos might not be great but I do love the textures and filters you can add onto it using LD.

Thank you to @Butter575 for responding to every one of my FR24 posts. Tbh idk how you be keeping up with all of it. Oh ya thanks for hosting the retro flyout of Palm Springs. That was a good event and I was happy to attend it.

Thanks to @Mort for messaging me and asking about food places in the Los Angeles area. I actually found that PM quite funny. So that was fun to read after a long day at work.

It was great meeting you @Dan at the Proud Bird for the Los Angeles Community Meetup!

Thank you to @Wonderousbuilder641 for the photo competition. I was quite surprised I made it further. I was pretty confident I would be out within 2 rounds or so. But yes that was fun to compete! So thank you again for hosting that.

Big thanks to @TAPVirtual for taking me for a bit before I left the team. I will for sure be back as soon as I finish my senior year of High School so I shall see you soon ;)

I’ve made a good amount of new friends including @IG.IF.MALDIVES he is currently my closest friend from the IFC. Even tho he is in the maldives and i’m here in california we definitely do chat a lot and talk about a lot of things. Hopefully some day we can meet up in person. Glad we became friends 🤙🤙

And a large thank you to IFAET for accepting me in February.

This year has been great and hopefully 2024 will be better!

And finally to any others that I may have forgotten thank you for the support on my posts. It means a lot and I’m glad to be apart of this community.
@Anshul28 @PhorzaSky @If.Beirut @if.brazil @Cole_Woodard @ElectricGalaxyYT

I apologize to anyone if I may have forgotten you. It’s currently 3AM and I have work in about 8 hours. So I’m just gonna cut this short…



Thank you infinite flight sit traffic controllers for providing the most realistic air traffic control intersections possible and thank you @Tyler_Shelton for answering my atc questions through out the year.

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My turn 😂

Firstly I want to give a shoutout to all the IFC mods, and Devs for your amazing work and commitment to this community and its well being!

  • First of many pings go to @DeerCrusher for accepting me in IFAET! It has been a privilege and an honor to make some amazing airports including WY31, and KDIJ!
  • Next goes to my amazing IFATC recruiter and trainer @JulietTango and @DJSunfire! Thanks so much for everything, especially for answering all my silly questions, and for all the laughs we had throughout my recruitment process 😉
  • I certainly can’t forget my amazing CEO at Breeze Virtual, @Pilot_InfiniteFlight, whom has become one if my amazing IFC friends!
  • It must be mentioned how thankful I am for the 10 VA’s im in, which are
    Texas Virtual
    New Zealand
    and last but certainly not least TAP

Now… here comes the list of people whom I can remember lol
There’s certainly more that im forgetting but I’ll try my best



I’m calling you out for forgetting me lol


@PhorzaSky check again


glad i could be here for you brother :)

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Le @Magician and le @Jinco for their awesome detective work with the cyan; @LesterXavier (aka Lesty the Minx) for accepting my general tomfoolery, le @ToasterStroodie for his outstanding work co-writing our advice book together; le @DJSunfire for sneaking in late every morning in those daisy dukes; @Draco_Dai for taking me to the palace even though I’d already lived here for like 8 years and never bothered to go; @Anthony_Morgan for teaching me the importance of having a strong TYGD game; @RickG for imparting too much fish related knowledge on me; @Nikita_D for always being my radar controller of support (glad you made it back!); @Yang-le-duo for always appearing unexpectedly at high speed; @Endurance for always wanting to go to the most fun places like Skardu and CastleGA; @GolfZuluZulu for always ensuring my grammatical correctness; @Jaylan_Brown for just never going to bed!

Most importantly, my IF better half @Levi_Park for always joining ridiculously long adventures; welcoming me into the Levi, Sean and Jinco training server of all sorts of mythical creatures; teaching me the Korean meaning of bonk (to hit over the head with a bat for clarity) and visiting the little red dot for real life adventures with a shade of purple! You’re the best :)


LY too! :D And you’re welcome!