Who and what are you thankful for in 2023?

Can you believe it’s December 2023 already ❄️, and the year is closing?

Time certainly has a way of flying away, whether you’ve been navigating the Virtual World, organising events, or commanding the skies in Infinite Flight.

I’ve initiated this topic for users to express gratitude to those who offered help, support, or guidance. It’s an opportunity to spread positivity throughout the community.

I wish you a joyful holiday season, and let’s anticipate that 2024 will surpass all our expectations! :)


I’m thankful to the community in general. You are all amazing people and regardless of how well I know you, I’m really happy to be a part of the community with you.

The people surrounding IF are amazing, friendly, knowledgeable people that are always willing to help a hand or be kind :)
Thank you so much for the great times spent with IF and the IFC this year, and I wish you all the best for another year!

special thanks to Cameron :P


I’m thankful to @Ecoops123 for stealing my umbrella whilst in the pouring rain when we went to RIAT together.

Though in fairness, I did give it to him because I was taking pictures of a Spanish Harrier.

And idk, Frank’s Red Hot. Always thankful for that.


im fosho thankful for my family, my day ones, the friends ive made on IFC (@Flyin.Hawaiian, @rowanmle11, @I_Ride_Southwest, @Appalachian_Airlines, @Mort, and others who may have been banned), and where my life has taken me so far. this year i have been able to not only create more connections with aviation, but in the commercial dance industry as well. I’m also thankful for money as I assure some of y’all wouldn’t be playing the game if you didn’t have a pro subscription, and I’m able to use the money I get to give away youtube memberships as long as @Dan can remember the people in the back of the plane love smooth landings. Might as well throw @DeerCrusher in for his wisdom and unintentional or maybe intentional cause of making me choose corporate flying as my career choice. He’s also a pretty fun and down to earth type of guy to chat to. But that’s all I’ll share for now. Thankful for another year of living life in the moment

AND @Butter575 lmaooooo, super cool and funny dude


I just discovered Infinite Flight in October, and I’m impressed & inspired at the effort and commitment of the community members who made this mobile sim what it is today.

So I want to thank everyone who has contributed to every single feature in this sim. Including but definitely not limited to those who have been in it since day 1, the aircraft designers, the airport editing members, the IFATC, and the tutorial and manual editors.

I can’t even come up with the complete list but if you contributed to the sim & community in any shape or form I am very thankful for you & what you’ve done and will do!


I’m thankful for @ToasterStroodie because he never fails to disappoint me and because I know how happy he is that I am writing this.


Didn’t expect a ping on here. Nice gettin to know ya too

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Thankful for who?

I’m thankful for @Butter575 responding to all my questions on FR24 Findings

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Honestly, I’m thankful for everyone, including fellow former fledgelings @BenjiTheBull and @TheBest, and natives @MrGoatX @member_of_oneworld and @BazeAeOfficial


i’m thankful for lots of people

@BenjiTheBull for being my friend for a long while and getting me into event making
@DJW for being awesome
@BazeAeOfficial for being my irl friend that got me into this flight sim
@Butter575 for his wonderful atc
@Cole_Woodard for always being kind
@United403 for being a great friend
@Carlos_Sousa and everyone on the @TAPVirtual team for being wonderful to work with
@Ryan_Carney for making the first event i ever attended (and for being awesome)
@TheBest for being the best (haha)
@RickG, @Thunderbolt, and @FN60fps for being so helpful in getting me ready for ifatc

and of course, all the mods who work so, so hard for this community


I am thankful for these people:
@SamB777, My first friend on the community here and my first flyout on IF
@Mort, For helping me do some changes with my first flyout made by me (That no one joined) and always being a good person
@TheBest for being a great friend,Nice person, And other good things
@DJW for being one of my first friends, relating our North Carolina lives

I just want to say @Mort @TheBest @SamB777 @DJW That you guys are great friends and really help me get some friendships. I am so thankful for you guys 😄🙏🙏


Why thank you for mentioning me!

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I am thankful for 4 updates this year, that had no significant impact on IF development.

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I’m thankful for the people at USU for helping me get my Instrument Rating this year. I couldn’t have done it without them.

I’m also thankful for all the people I’ve been able to meet and share experiences with in this community.

Not gonna name/ping people because that would take too long, but they know who they are 😉


I am grateful for the hundreds of new 3d airports that have been added this year! Thank you to everyone on the IFAET team!! The airports that I am most grateful for being added are Salt Lake City (my home airport), and Okinawa.

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I’m grateful for all of the work our amazing IF Dev team has done! I’m also grateful for my friends such as @IFlyer, @member_of_oneworld, @Mort, @TheNorthwestDog, and @MrGoatX. And if I didn’t mention you, I’m sorry. I can’t possibly name everyone :)


I am also thankful for @A320_Flyerboy19 for making my closet in’tl airport, Norfolk international Airport


Thank you for mentioning me!!! You’re a great friend!


No problem. You are too!


I’m thankful for @SortedStatue994 . Even though I recently met him not too long ago, he’s been a great friend ever since. We go along very well and I always look forward to having a chat on random things. I’m really thankful for him helping me set up and teach me to fly the 737. I would not know how to start the engines correctly or even set up the fmc without his help. Thanks for all you have done for me.