WHO and OACI relationship with Novel SARS-CoV-2

Hi, everybody:

Recently, mankind has been faced with one of its greatest health emergencies, COVID-19.

And this, of course, has affected the movement of society both nationally and internationally and therefore the aviation industry.

It has reached such a point that ICAO has issued a joint document with WHO reminding states of the seriousness of this pandemic, urging them to comply with the recommendations issued by both organizations.

Cases have been seen where the country itself has abruptly changed its communications and air connections, causing great chaos among the population. In this line, the document urges member countries to notify ICAO with some advance notice before undertaking these drastic measures.

In short, ICAO and WHO urge to remain calm, to avoid these situations of fear, distress and stress.

The new COVID-19 is a threat to society and what we need to do from an aviation point of view is to coordinate this crisis calmly but without ceasing to monitor the situation.

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Not really one of the greatest, because the black death happened. But this is a bad one.

I would also read this.

Lets keep the COVID-19 topics to a minimum.


Totally correct