Who am I? Aircraft Edition

B-25, or as WT calls it, the PBJ-1H.

Yay winner woohoo!!!

  1. I am a French-built aircraft.
  2. I was originally built in the 1960’s.
  3. I have 2 turboprop engines.
  4. I operate for a now-bankrupt American regional carrier.
  5. You could have seen me with a red stripe on my fuselage.

This’ll probably be a pretty tricky one :P.

Can we have one hint? I have a feeling I’m getting close.

ATR? For RavnAir?

Since when the ATR is from the 1960s?

Wait, I think I got it (Though this might be a bit of a stretch…) Bombardier is from Valcourt, QB, Canada. Quebec is french-canadian, so TECHNICALLY the Bombardier Q-Series is french manufactured. So adding on to what @Akms_Aviation said, I think this is a RavnAir Bombardier Dash 8-100.

EDIT: Ah, crap, the DH8D is from the 80’s. :(

Idk. 😂 I just did a wild guess a it’s French, a turboprop & was used by RavnAir

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Am I a joke to y’all?

Aight if you’re right we both get the point.

Nvm. 😂

Give us a hint about when the airline went bankrupt.

RavnAlaska Dash8 100 or Saab 2000? @TheFlyingPotato

Neither took flight in 1980

@TheFlyingPotato, I think I got it. Is it the Aérospatiale N 262 for Allegheny Commuter?


I swear if this isn’t it, I’m going to bed.

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Well done, Pingu. It is in fact the N262 for Allegheny. Your turn :)

Oh also happy cake day :P

Also yoooo what I live in Nova Scotia as well.

Oh lol am I the only one that thinks Dartmouth is better than Halifax here

I’m asking that we work on these topics first before creating a “Who am I” or another “Guess the XYZ” topic. I might have missed some topics that could be still open due to the creative wording folks use, but these were the obvious ones. Thanks for the help!

We’re about near the end of these “guessing” games. Only so much guessing before we can no longer guess what hasn’t been guessed.