Who am I? Aircraft Edition

Hey community!
I was thinking of introducing a new game called ‘Who am I?’ I have searched the whole forum for a page similar to this but i haven’t found one so here it is!

This is similar to the Guess the Aircraft thread except there are no photos, just clues. You can only post 5 clues and if no one can guess the aircraft, you can ask the players of they want another clue. Like the other thread, the person who guesses right gets to either give their turn to another player or post their clues of an aircraft in mind. Also, if you want to be challenging, you can also include an airline.

First, lets start with an easy one:

Who am I?

  1. I am in an Australian airline
  2. I am made from one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers
  3. I am built by one of the most manufactured airliners
  4. I am a single aisle aircraft
  5. I am the most numerous plane in my airline
    Who am I?

You are a Qantas 737-800

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Yay your turn

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I am:

  1. Blue, yellow, white, and red
  2. The only aircraft in my fleet is one variant of aircraft
  3. I am a US airline
  4. I am the shorter variant of the aircraft
  5. I am built by the most famous aircraft manufacturer
    Who am I?

Southwest 737-700!

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Southwest 737 800

You are incorrect.

Southwest 737 700

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You are correct!

737-700! There we go!

Someone else go

hmmm… Interesting topic, different dynamic from the traditional Guess the aircraft


I am/ have:

  1. I have beautiful wings
  2. I am a twin-asile plane
  3. I look like a Racoon
  4. I wear red and white
  5. I am the longer one out of my 2 other siblings
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Hmmm… 787-10?

nope… not it…

How could a plane look like a racoon?

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Racoon? Eh?

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Ah! 777-9 Boeing House Colours

nope… it’s not

You are a Qantas a35k