Who actually uses the ATC voice in Live?

This is a poll for who uses ATC voice and who doesn’t. I personally don’t use it because it gets extremely annoying, and whenever your message comes up, it’s orange instead of gray. Share your comments below!

  • I use ATC voice in Live
  • I don’t use ATC voice in Live

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I just like hearing ATC tbh. Never actually use it for listening


I usually turn it down because I listen to music while flying.


I don’t use it, very annoying:-/

I use because I like to make my flying as realistic as possible

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I use it because:

  1. For me, I think it makes the game feel more realistic

  2. I have it on just incase I forget to read ATC instructions


I use it so I can concentrate on other things instead. It can get annoying. It also can get very delayed.

Add sometimes using ATC voice

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I’ve actually had headaches before listening to ATC’s voice sometimes because the voice is so boring it never changes its tone of voice, it just talks like a boring robot which gives me a headache in which case I will turn it down.


Very true. It always says “expect delays” really quickly though.

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I use it because I set it to a less annoying voice…

@SF34. MaxSez: Reese, At 14 I can understand your fundamental desire to shut out the voice of reason and authority. However, if your goal is to fly IF or RW like a Pro you’ll come to understand that at times in a Flights evolution you’ll not have time to read the small print as you “scan” your environment. The key to success here is the ability to; aviate, “communicate” & navigate… Gooday


I listen to is to scan my airspace and to be realistic, specially in expert server. I do have music in the background but I pay attention to call bouts by ATC and other pilots.

@Gavrilo. MaxAsks: I use “Pandora” for background music. What do you use?

Don’t forget that you also have a great customization option to control sound via the settings icon!



How did you change it?


I don’t use it because it gets quite annoying at LAX or any other big airport

As a controller, I use it if I’m working both tower and ground. Just to listen for words like “inbound”, “pushback”, and others so I have an idea of what’s going on around me. Really helps if someone requests a different runway than what’s in use, I find it more urgent to redirect them to the right place than someone who knows where to go, if that makes sense.


I use a app called tune in @Maxmustang but nowadays its either NPR or BBC sometimes my earphones are nothing but news and IF chatter

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Great example of situational awareness.