Who actually is FDS?


I was just thinking, who actually is FDS? I mean is it mods, players, or something else? I mean as far as I know, they’re some Swiss (I think) company making a flight sim and collecting our subscription money. So who actually is FDS/who is part of FDS?


(Is this for general or meta?)

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FDS or Flying Dev Studios is a development studio owned by Laura and Philip i think

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Who is Phillip?

Co owner with laura.

And they can program the whole thing alone?

A nonexistent company as of now. It’s Infinite Flight LLC 👍🏻


I think they have a bit of help

Who is Infinite Flight LCC then? I just want an answer as to who these people are.

Staff team but it was founded by Laura and Philip and came from FDS I imagine.

Infinite Flight LLC is the name of the company now. This proves that they want to stick around for a long while now, that’s a big step in my opinion.

Their group is made up of people from various countries all with their own unique specialties and I’d venture to say that they are all multifaceted. You can see them here: https://community.infiniteflight.com/about


Thanks @Levet and @Nate_Schneller

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Slightly off topic, but on that list, @rgba8 has been inactive for 2 months…

The forum is a unique place however some of the devs are busy developing and communicating on other platforms. You will see different levels of activity here in the community but there’s much more going on behind the scenes via different avenues of communication.


Adding on to what Lever has stated, just because some staff aren’t active here on the IFC doesn’t mean that they aren’t active developing or flying. It isn’t that rare to see Laura fly some patterns and test new planes. She and a bunch of staff maintain Grade 5.

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Infinite Flight LLC formerly Flying Development Studio :)