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Welcome to WhiteCaps Air

Connecting You To The Mountains

Here at WhiteCaps, we’re the only Infinite Flight VA to operate ONLY in the Western United States. We provide pilots a fun opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful scenery in North America with a wide variety of routes and destinations, from the 14ers of Colorado to the beautiful Pacific Coast.

Our Destinations

We fly only in the US, using hubs in Denver, Los Angeles, and Eagle-Vail, CO. We currently offer 25 destinations, including 13 in the state of Colorado!

Flights From Denver

Flights From KDEN:

KDAL - Dallas
KABQ - Albuquerque
KPHX - Phoenix
KSAN - San Diego
KLAX - Los Angeles
KSFO- San Francisco
KSEA- Seattle
KBOI- Boise
KSLC- Salt Lake City
KLAS - Las Vegas
KEGE- Eagle County/Vail
KHDN - Hayden/Steamboat Springs
KGJT - Grand Junction
KMTJ - Montrose
KTEX - Telluride
KCEZ - Cortez
KDRO - Durango
KASE - Aspen
​KGUC - Gunnison
KALS - Alamosa
KPUB - Pueblo
​KCOS - Colorado Springs

Flights From Eagle-Vail

Flights From KEGE

KLAX - Los Angeles
KGJT - Grand Junction
KMTJ - Montrose
KTEX - Telluride
KCEZ - Cortez
KDRO - Durango
KASE - Aspen
KGUC - Gunnison
KPUB - Pueblo
KCOS - Colorado Springs
KDEN - Denver

Flights From Los Angeles

Flights From KLAX

KEGE - Eagle County/Vail
KDEN - Denver
KSAN - San Diego
KPHX - Phoenix
KSFO - San Francisco
KSEA - Seattle
KBOI - Boise
KSLC - Salt Lake City
KLAS - Las Vegas

Route Maps


Our Staff

CEO: @GolferRyan
COO: @Daniel14
Media Manager: @William_Burke
Chief Pilot: @William_Armstrong
Event Manager: @Transport_Hub
Slack Manager: @Ryan_Vidad
Head of Internal Affairs: @ratul_sen

Want to join our team? PM me (@GolferRyan) to apply!

Our Fleet

Embraer E-170

Seats: 69
Range: 2,150 Nautical Miles

Our E-170s operate on our Inter-Colorado routes originating from Denver. With 9 First Class and 12 Business Class seats, these medium-range jets offer the utmost comfort on short flights. (Set for retirement, to be replaced by CRJ-700)

Bombardier Dash 8-Q400

Seats: 72
Range: 1,100

Our Q400’s operate our Inter-Colorado routes originating from Eagle-Vail. With 72 economy seats, these turbo-props will get you where you need to go.

Boeing 737-700

Seats: 162
Range: 5,510

Our 737’s operate all routes outside of Colorado. With 12 First Class and 40 Business Class seats, they’re the most comfortable airliner in our fleet, fit for our longest flights.

Our Website


Join Us

Want to join WhiteCaps VA? Use the Google form on our website!

Next Event!

Thank You!

We’d like to say thank you to our friends at Tailwinds Flying Club for partnering with us. We’d also like to say thank you to @BluePanda900 and the entire IFVARB for making this process so quick and easy.

See you in the skies! :)

Looks like a nice VA! Just sent you a PM about a postition, good luck!

Looks like a great VA! Good luck to you!


Thanks guys! Means a lot! @SF34 @Connor_Seymour


Looks great! Nice job!

Do you have any routes to Montana?

Not at the moment. Maybe in the future. :)

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Hey guys, we are still looking to hire an event manager. If you have experience, PM me.
Thank you!

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Hello everyone. WhiteCaps Air is still looking to hire an event manager! If you have experience, Please PM me. Pilot applications are also still open. We hope you consider joining us. :)
Thank You


New event now available! We are also still hiring!

Quick update: we’re having some trouble with the Google form on our website. If you’ve applied through the Google form you could just shoot me a PM and we’ll get you right in. Thanks!

Hey guys, another quick update for you: The Google form on our website is now fully functional and will be used for all applications from now on!

ALSO: Don’t miss our upcoming event this sunday!

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Not sure what that means since it isn’t true if it’s what I think it means. Still a good looking VA! Well done.

Glad to be flying for this VA!

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I changed it for you. :)

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Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that WhiteCaps Air will be closing down. We have been very inactive lately and have had limited interest in the last few months. Thank you to all those that helped out with this VA, see you around the community.