White taxi lines at Singapore Changi

White taxi line is still there at Changi and Changi air base


This might be on purpose. I have seen this ar other airports too. So maybe, just maybe, the IFAET did something?

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i believe this was covered in another topic lemme find the topic

is it the bug you are talking about?

It was supposedly fixed. So im not sure.maybe there is still a problem?

Yes the bug is no longer there for Kuala Lumpur but Singapore is still there

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oh i see

We’d need a staff member such as @Cameron SORRY FOR TAGGING YOU IF THIS DOES NOT INVOLVE YOU I just saw you in the other topic about the white lines.


Some airports have white lines in place of other line types we don’t have in the sim. This isn’t the same issue as the one in Changi (where lines were going in different directions from a point)

@Deakin no need to tag staff for support topics, we regularly check these anyway :)

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Im sorry about that! I wont do again!!

Will it get fixed on taxiway leading up to hold short line?

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