White Strips Across Runways In Japan

Hey all,
So I was watching New Boeing 787 Order Announced by DJ’s aviation and at 0:45 there appear to be three white strips going across the runway. Under further investigation, I found more in other airports in Tokyo and I was wondering what they are as they cannot be runway threshold markers. If you know please comment below.
I’ve provided a few extra photos from google earth. These are three different photos at two different airports.
Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 16.26.03


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It is the runway middle point marking.

Edit: Here is some confirmation, found on page 2

Why do they have those? No other country uses them, what’s wrong with the original runway markings?

It is used to reduce the risk of a runway overrun. I don’t know why other countries don’t use them but every other marking on Japanese runways is used elsewhere.

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