White screen upon flight

When I go to any type of flight the screen is white. I can see the HUD and the other flight options for the aircraft and camera display and can hear the aircraft but I cannot see anything other that a white screen with occasional slivers of the plan. It’s like this for any aircraft I choose at any airport. I’ve hard restarted my device (iPad 5th gen A1823) and exited out of all background apps with no success.

Reinstalling the app should fix this issue.

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Hi there and sorry you are experiencing this. Please delete Infinite Flight and reinstall it. There is probably a new build that you don’t have installed on your device. Please report back once you have completed the steps above. Thanks, Chris

Thank you so much! I couldn’t even see!

I just uninstalled it and now it says I have to pay for the app. I already payed for it months ago. I’d like not to do that again. Any idea what I should do?

Are you using the same play store/app store account?

First, make sure you are on a stable Wi-Fi/internet server.
Then, if you’re on IOS, go to the App store, and sign out, and then sign back in.
When you’ve done so, check your “Purchased apps” which is located when you tap on your profile. Infinite flight should appear there. If IF does not appear, make sure that you’re on the same account as the one that you initially bought Infinite Flight. First try doing these steps, and then report back to us :)
Hope this helps,

No, he’s talking about the App, not the subscription.

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I’ll try that thanks.

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Anytime! Happy to help :) Hope it works

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