White rectangle instead planes

In live, I can see some of the planes clearly, but other planes as a rectangle… Do you know how to prevent it? Or it is unpreventble

What do you mean? Can you maybe post a screenshot?

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Yes! One minute please

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Yes, you have to download every planes

If you don’t have enough place on your phone, there is an option in the game that automatically download them for you (I don’t remember the name of it)

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I downloaded all the planes :(

Basically, Infinite Flight can’t load all airplanes at one time, if your device is good enough, go to settings > Live and then airplane count, put that to the max


That’s normal, I have that as well. They are just ‘too far’.

Like @TheWalkingFruit said, put your Airplane Count high.


You will see these when flying as a marker for an aircraft that is to far away to see. When on the ground you will see them depending on the setting for your aircraft count.

On what device do you play IF?

I am currently using an Asus ZenPad but will be upgrading to the iPad Gen 6 as soon as it gets delivered @Mika

Ok, I think you can play it on High or Very High when you have the iPad.

I have an iPad 9.7 and I have all of my settings set to their highest level and I’ve had no issues. The reason for the white rectangle is that those aircraft are at too far a distance to see.

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I know, that’s what I said :)

I misread, my apologies.


They are called airplane dots, Harvey. You can turn that setting off in the “Live” section of the settings.

Settings > Live > Hide Airplane Dots > Check the box next to Hide Airplane Dots

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OK, I’ll check. Thank you @Trio

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It’s turned off, still didn’t change anything

So you still see the airplane dots (squares)?

« Automatic download plane over cellular network » something like that

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