White planes, signification?

Today I have control ~25min at KPSP. But I’ve stop controlling because I could not contact some aircraft on my frequency.

That was happend from ground to tower frequency. I have request these aircraft to contact tower, and I hear a "request take-off but see nothing :(
Sorry aircrafts on frequency.

support or live atc??

This has happened to me before, but I was able to communicate with the white planes

They’re not actually on your frequency.

but the heavy aircraft (Qatar 07) have request a take off

Send on guard

make too :/

then its a bug and noone can solve that


okay… no probls’

If you tap the white plane on the screen they will reappear in the list.

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nope, not for me x)

Known issue. They’re supposed to turn white when you swipe their tag off of your list, but some of them show up white automatically.


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